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October 26 2012

which dictator killed the most people
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September 26 2012

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xkcd: Killed In Action

We can't let this happen again. We need to build a secure TWO-day-before-retirement safe room.
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July 24 2012

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Four killed in Catalonia forest fires - no comment - YouTube

At least four people have died in fires raging across parts of northeastern Spain over the weekend. The fires that broke out on Sunday in several parts of the Catalonia region forced more than 1,400 people to stay overnight in shelters.

April 05 2012

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Korean man killed girlfriend with octopus for insurance claim - YouTube nma

February 05 2012


Net Cafe Gamer Killed by 23 Hour Session | Sankaku Complex


A gamer at an Internet cafe who died after a 23-hour marathon spree may have been sat dead at his PC amongst other patrons for as long as 9 hours.

The incident occurred at a New Taipei City Internet cafe, where a 23-year-old man had been playing for “at least 23 hours.”

He was found dead at his PC with arms outstretched as if playing by a female member of staff, perhaps explaining why it took so long for him to be noticed by patrons and staff.

Roughly 30 other customers were said to have been at the cafe, though none noticed he was deceased and one patron witnessed him sat at the same PC for at least 9 hours.

Police say his cause of death was cardiac arrest caused by low body temperature. There is no information as to what game he was playing when he died.

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