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November 17 2012

water tank light physics
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September 26 2012

portal physics problem - 4chan

possible explanation (### SPOILER ###)

Actually, both is right. Or better: both is wrong. It's a paradox.

Here is why: imagine you are standing in a place where you could see the cube with direct line of sight AND through the portal.
now, since speed and momentum are vectors, their direction is of extreme importance:
if the cube was to be propelled through the portal, in the direction where you are standing (see pic), it need to have momentum / speed in exactly this direction.

case a) you are watching the the cube in direct line of sight: as the cube is put through the portal, you can clearly see that it is not moving towards you at all. Hence there is no momentum towards you, so why would the cube all of a sudden fly towards you.

case b) you watch the cube through the portal: as the piston closes, you can clearly see the cube coming closer to you, thus having momentum and you would expect it to continue fly towards you because of inertia.

so far, so good.
case c) what happens, if you do both at the same time? look at the cube directly and then through the portal and then directly again?

and it's even worse, as you can see the room itself having momentum towards you in case b which obviously doesn't make any sense, as you are not moving in the room at all. it's paradox, hence it cannot even exist in the first place.
it's like that painting of a staircase, that's always going up.

and that, dear anons, is why portal was developed in a way where a situation like this could never appear. it would just break everything.
and yes, I know that there are moving portals in Portal 2, but you never actually send something with mass (which is needed to have momentum) through it while moving.

you are welcome.

oh, and if you don't believe me, watch this video:

spoiler alert: engine freaks out, because paradox.
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April 18 2012


March 22 2012

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troll physics infinite power - Как сделать бесконечный источник энергии - YouTube
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December 13 2011


November 15 2011

via PS: Physics Phailure

You can see the original on the Quirky website.
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