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October 27 2012

Inari Torii row - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Sanko Inari Shrine, Inuyama

At the entrance to the Shinto shrines you will always see a torii, marking the delimitation between the sacred space of the shrine and the profane world.
At the Inari shrines however, sometimes there are groups of torii, with a different role. These are donations from worshipers, for Inari, the patron of business. Each torii is inscribed with the name of the donor and they are usually placed in rows with small spaces in between, creating a beautiful sight. Some of these rows are huge, with thousands of torii, like at the Fushimi Inari Taisha from Kyoto, but in most cases there are just a few dozens of them - but the view is no less beautiful - like in this photo from the Sanko Inari Shrine from Inuyama.

September 18 2012

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Red pepper panpipe:Lightly Row - YouTube heita3

August 07 2012

bird row loop - gif
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July 12 2012

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China road fence falls like row of dominoes - YouTube
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March 30 2012

cinema sofa row kludge
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