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August 25 2012

Walking through thousands of Torii - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

Now, that I arrived in Japan for the 8th time in 6 consecutive years, a friend asked me if, after visiting so many shrines and temples, if I ever had a truly spiritual experience…
Well, besides the many religious festivals - matsuri - to which I had the chance to participate, each with its unique memories, I think I experienced in Japan a few strong, spiritual moments, which impressed me deeply, both visually and emotionally. One I strongly remember now was an eerily quiet afternoon, when I visited the thousands of torii from the Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto…
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July 30 2012

walking on stilettos fail - gif
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July 12 2012

walking tits - gif
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May 20 2012

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The Walking Dead Alternate Intro - YouTube

Seriously? no one would watch this if this was the intro.. i wouldn't watching, i don't know you...

the song makes it sound like it's a happy family living a dream, when it really is a kind of broken family living a nightmare..

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May 07 2012

dog walking a dog - WTF Japan Seriously
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April 20 2012


January 22 2012

when walking into a room and forget
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cat walking up stairs in circles - Танцующая кошка - YouTube

December 30 2011

8830 d201 600
the walking bed
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December 25 2011


Police Hunt Man For Walking in Street | Sankaku Complex

Osaka police are hunting a man for walking on the same street as a schoolgirl, whilst wearing a mask.

The police advisory warns that an Osaka middle school girl was unfortunate enough to encounter a suspicious man as she was on her way home at 6PM.

She reported the man, helpfully describing him as “over 20, of medium build, with short black hair and wearing a black sweater, white gloves and a white mask.”

Police advise the public to dial 110 should they see this man or any other suspicious persons, and to carry emergency buzzers.


Osaka police’s famous advisories are fast becoming the stuff of legend:

“So it’s finally come to this.”

“What a horrible world we live in.”

“What a dangerous individual!”

“You lot!”

“So now just walking down the street is suspicious…”

“You can’t even walk in the street with a mask now?”

“He was reported for wearing winter clothes?”

“You’ll be reported just for breathing in public…”

“At least write what it was that was suspicious about them.”

“White gloves are a little suspicious.”

“It doesn’t actually say if he was wearing trousers.”

“Just how are you supposed to avoid being reported?”

“So now just being a man is a crime.”

“At least they aren’t exposing their faces online yet.”

“What are we, Jews living under the Third Reich?”

“The UN ought to investigate Japan’s discrimination against men.”

“This girl is going to be busy falsely accusing men of groping her on the train when grows up, isn’t she?”

“Oh come on, he obviously just had a cold.”

“Why don’t those useless human rights whiners actually do something about this stuff.”

“You could always try dressing up as a woman.”

“Where is this country headed…”

December 09 2011

walking dead
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