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December 21 2012

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The Crappiest Ways The World Could End - YouTube buzzfeed
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December 18 2012

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9 Ways Christmas In The 60s Was Super WTF - YouTube buzzfeed

December 11 2012

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Dumb Ways to Die (in Video Games) Parody - YouTube
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November 19 2012

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Dumb Ways to Die - YouTube
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August 14 2012

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Simple Ways To Hack Your Breadstick - Troublehacking with Drew Cleary - YouTube onion

there must of been some kind of bread stick party at the ONN..Im pretty sure LSD was passed around, maybe even the bread sticks themselves contained trace amounts of the drug itself.
this is just so dumb...
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April 24 2012

three ways to come home with a girl
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April 04 2012

9 ways of hangman
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March 12 2012


Top 10 Ways of Losing Your Lover | Sankaku Complex

Japanese men and women quizzed about the top reasons their amorous relationships are cut short supply a ranking which may just be very handy – for those Japanese who are lucky enough to be able to get themselves into a relationship in the first place, at any rate…

The ranking:

1. You’re too restricting

2. You cool off quickly if they differ from your ideals

3. You try to push your values on them

4. You concentrate too much on trivialities

5. You don’t listen to your partner

6. You soon tire of their personality

7. You are always negative in your appraisals of them

8. Your emotional ups-and-downs are extreme

9. You express your gratitude and favour to them ineptly

10. You date them despite not actually liking them

Less cited reasons included “feigning friendliness,” “being too absorbed in your hobbies,” and of course “not calling,” “not spending enough time together” and “spending all your time with your same-sex friends.”

February 22 2012


February 12 2012

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weird ways people die in america

January 08 2012


December 01 2011


“9 Ways You Got Exposed As An Otaku To A Guy” | Sankaku Complex

Female otaku have been sharing some of the ways they have apparently been exposed as otaku to surrounding commoner males, with predictably disastrous results for their social standing.

The passage in question:

1. A guy said ‘how old is Luffy anyway?’ and I immediately replied ’17′

“He was like ‘why’d you know that!?’” – twenty-something female

2. I accidentally called a cameraman a “cameko”

“That’s what we call camera types at cosplay shooting events” – twenty-something female

3. I slipped net slang into everyday conversation, saying ‘that’s a flag that it’s going to rain tomorrow’

“It really exposed me as a user of a certain huge BBS…” – twenty-something female

4. I compared drinking an energy drink to using a potion…

“I love Final Fantasy so I kind of thought of potions” – twenty-something female

5. At karaoke, the only songs I could sing were all anime-related

“I didn’t know a thing about J-Pop!” – teenage girl

6. I was rumbled as a groupie after my repeated mysterious trips were discovered to coincide with a band’s appearances

“I just want to go to every single one of this band’s appearances” – twenty-something female

7. I was busted looking at a picture of an idol on my phone

“I was apparently dreamily grinning at the picture…” – teenage girl

8. I was found out as a cosplayer after it emerged how good I was with a sewing machine in class

“‘Why are you so skilled?’ they asked with surprise. I couldn’t conceal it.” – teenage girl

9. I was unable to conceal my excitement when my favourite idol appeared in a drama

“Before I knew it I was talking excitedly about him…” – twenty-something female

There is some sympathy online, not that this is of much consolation where otaku-despising 3D friends are concerned:

“Who cares, if it’s cute!”

“There are no female otaku.”

“Apart from Johnnies otaku and band groupies it’s all good. But not those two.”

“Would anyone really be bothered about someone reading One Piece?”

“You aren’t an otaku just because you know One Piece…”

“Female otaku appeal is annoying.”

“2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 aren’t even otaku, they are just creepy Nicotards and Vippers.”

“I only go for Akiba maids so I don’t even see these as abnormal.”

“I went to my girlfriend’s room and I saw Raoh on his steed. I want to die.”

“I went out with my girlfriend and one of her friends. They were busted when they greeted each other as ‘onushi’.”

“I bumped into my elder brother in the genkan and my eroge dropped out of its DVD case…”

“I bet 2/3rds of this was just made up by whoever wrote this. It’s even more annoying than if they had made up all of it.”

“Lightweights. No otaku would know Luffy’s birthday.”

“Only 8 and 9 are plausible. I dated a cosplayer and she showed no sign of 1-7.”

“If being an otaku is so bad, give it up already!”

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